Since 1981, Trane Belgium’s presence in the air-conditioning market has been based on three essential pillars:


Its customers:

Our thanks to you, dear customers, for your fantastic fidelity.

Your opinions, whether positive or negative, which we are always eager to hear, are always turned to advantage in order to achieve the excellence that lies at the heart of our business.

Your needs spur us on to keep excelling ourselves.


Its team:

Our long-standing and consistent presence is based on continuous training to keep up with the latest developments, and for decades this has enabled us to advance along the path of progress with our customers.

To sum it up in a single phrase: the company evolves through individual development.

Continuous training is always carried out within a framework of energy economy, sustainability and respect for the environment, with international programmes such as LEED, Breeam, etc.


Its services:

With one of the best-equipped aftersales services in the business, the company is in touch with its customers’ needs.

We can also respond to many problems encountered by our customers thanks to our extensive range of products and services:

Chilled water production, standard for all applications such as comfort for tertiary sector buildings, hotels, industrial processes, ice rinks, halls, collective cold-production units, hospitals, food applications, etc.


Absorption cooling allows the production of chilled water at reduced cost by recovering heat from fumes or through cogeneration (with trigeneration) or geothermic technology.


 Heat pump (conventional, 4 pipes/6 pipes): hot and cold at the same time, what more could you ask?


Ventilation via AHUsrooftops: today, with building envelopes becoming increasingly hermetically sealed and insulated, Trane offers you made-to-measure solutions based around air treatment units or autonomous rooftop units. 


VRF: this variable refrigerant flow system is suitable for any small or medium installation. The three-pipe option allows significant energy savings.


 Related equipment such as system regulation via Trane Building Management Systems, air-conditioned cabinets (computing, IT), cooling towers, air coolers or condensers, allowing you to satisfy all your needs through a single supplier by covering an entire system, including advantageous energy solutions.




A team consisting of around thirty dynamic, reactive people ready to commit themselves to supporting you through your projects.

Don’t hesitate to contact us.