The history of Trane Cy begins in 1885...




Birth of Trane Cy in the USA



Establishment of Trane Cy in Europe through the Belgian company SADAC.

Its distribution network is based around its European factories.



In a strategy to strengthen its position in the market, Trane Cy proposes to two executives, A. Renauld and P. Pirard, that they become owners of a company that will cover the Belgium, Luxembourg and Libya markets.


Trane’s sales division is born

This decade of progress has its roots in the quality of the personnel and of the equipment, with the introduction of the famous screw compressor that will revolutionise the refrigeration equipment market.

1990 - 2010


Despite the political instability in the Middle East and the economic difficulties in the European market during these two decades, the sales division consolidates its presence and increases the qualification of its personnel in its markets.

20 years of presence with the same people in a constantly evolving market.

Sales division: a model of stability in progress, with a constantly evolving product.

2010 - 2014


Mr A. Renauld, managing director and main shareholder, passed away in 2010. A period of transition begins. The shareholders (the Renauld family and P. Pirard), with the executives and staff, set up a new structure that will meet the new needs of the market.


Takeover and continuity

The sales division is taken over by X. Gorgemans, O. Devroye and P. Pirard. This takeover provides a guarantee for the actors in the market: the continuity of Trane Cy through the sales division.